Meet The Treatment Team

George F. Ronan, Ph.D., ABPP  

Licensed Psychologist & Director Dr. Ronan completed his graduate training in 1985 and subsequently completed a year-long postdoctoral fellowship in psychotherapy research. In 1989 he moved to Mount Pleasant Michigan where he has held a faculty appointment in the Department of Psychology at Central Michigan University. He has held a license to practice clinical psychology in the State of Michigan since 1990. Since 2003 he has held Board Certification in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology through the American Board of Profession Psychology. He currently provides psychological assessment and treatment services for a wide range of clinical concerns.

Donna Wollerman Ronan, Ph.D., LP 

Licensed Psychologist  Dr. Wollerman Ronan is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been practicing in Michigan for over 20 years. She works primarily with adults using cognitive-behavioral approaches. She treats a broad range of adult psychological concerns, and has specialized training in health psychology. 

Daham R. Sol, Ph.D., LLP 

Limited Licensed Psychologist Dr. Sol completed his graduate training at Central Michigan University where he focused on deviant sexual behavior and forensic populations. Since completing his residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New Mexico, he has been interested in combat-related trauma, and how it impacts both soldiers, and their families. He currently provides a variety of psychological treatments and assessment services across a breadth of clinical concerns, while specializing in the areas of human sexuality and post-traumatic stress. Dr. Sol continues to be an advocate for preventative healthcare and balanced lifestyle. Towards this end, he encourages clients to seek not only alleviation from actively pathological symptoms, but also to work towards achieving long-term individual goals and interpersonal resolution.    


Jim Carroll, EdD, LLP

Limited Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Carroll helps equip parents to understand the unique challenges presented by their children. He can provide a variety of strategies that parents and teachers can use to maximize the potential of their special child, including parent-child communication, effective discipline and behavior management. As a father of three children, grandfather of six (aged 1 year to 17) and a professor of psychology for over 45 years, he knows child development at a comprehensive and practical level. He does psychological evaluations dealing with academic and behavioral problems in children and adolescents. Psychological evaluations that he performs include: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum Disorders, child custody evaluations, and learning disabilities.

Amanda Morningstar, MA, LLPC 

Limited Licensed Professional Counselor Ms. Morningstar completed her graduate training at Central Michigan University in 2016 after completing her internship at Saginaw Valley State University. She currently provides empirically supported therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples.

Reid Skeel, Ph.D., LP 

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Skeel received his doctorate from the University of Florida in 1998, and completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Missouri - Columbia. Dr. Skeel joined the faculty of the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Central Michigan University in 2000, and has been director of the program since 2005. His research and clinical interests center on neuropsychological assessment, and he has been conducting outpatient neuropsychological assessments since becoming licensed in Michigan in 2000. He currently provides neuropsychological evaluations for individuals with a range of presenting issues including traumatic brain injury, changes in thinking and memory associated with aging, and psychiatric symptoms.


Victoria Johnson 

Front Desk Scheduler 


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Kim Winn 

Billing Specialist 


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