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Ronan CE Academy: Premier Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals

Ronan CE Academy, a division of Ronan Psychological, provides high-quality continuing education courses tailored to health care professionals. Understanding the necessity for ongoing professional development and the fulfillment of mandatory continuing education credits, Ronan CE Academy offers a range of courses designed to enhance knowledge, skills, and ethical standards within the medical community. Our courses meet or exceed state requirements, ensuring healthcare professionals stay compliant and informed.

Course Offerings

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, is a grave issue that represents
modern-day slavery. This comprehensive course aligns with the LARA (Licensing and
Regulatory Affairs) guidelines.

Value for Health Care Professionals : This course equips healthcare providers with the
crucial knowledge to identify and assist victims of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking

Implicit Bias Training 
This two-hour t This telecourse training addresses the critical issue of implicit bias within
the healthcare setting.

Value for Health Care Professionals: This course is essential for healthcare providers
seeking to improve their understanding of implicit bias and its impact on patient care.

Implicit Bias Course.

Professional Issues - Social Media 
This course explores social media's challenges and potential adverse effects on clients
and healthcare practices.

Value for Health Care Professionals: Given social media's pervasive nature, this
course provides crucial insights into managing professional boundaries and protecting
both the practice and the clients from potential harm.

Professional Issues-Social Media Course

Professional Issues - Record Keeping 
Focuses on the legal and ethical obligations of record keeping.

Value for Health Care Professionals:  This course ensures that professionals
maintain high documentation standards, protecting patient information and ensuring
compliance with legal requirements.

Professional Issues-Record Keeping Course

Why Choose Ronan CE Academy?

Ronan CE Academy is committed to delivering top-tier educational experiences that are
practical and relevant to current health care practices. Our courses are designed by
experts in the field and are structured to provide maximum benefit in a time-efficient
manner. By choosing Ronan CE Academy, health care professionals invest in their
careers and in the quality of care they provide, ensuring they remain at the forefront of
their profession. More courses are in development and will be published soon.


Jim Carroll EdD, 

A Canadian by birth; an immigrant by choice and a Psychologist by training, Jim brings
decades of background and experience to bear on the cultural and social issues of the
present day. 

Ralph Baber MA, 

With diverse university teaching in Canada, China and the United States, Ralph – a
Canadian at birth – is also an immigrant , by choice to this country. His candid humor
and extensive research skills bring a clear reality often missing from today's social

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