Community Outreach and Education


Jim Carroll and Ralph Baber have come together and developed the popular podcast" Psychologytakeaway"  

In addition several other resources are available (see below). 

  • They are providing Continuing Education courses, including Implicit Bias Training (URL to come) . 
  • Ethics and Professional  Issues for medical and mental health providers 


Jim Carroll EdD, 

A Canadian by birth; an immigrant by choice and a Psychologist by training, Jim brings decades of background and experience to bear on the cultural and social issues of the present day. 


Ralph Baber MA, 

With diverse university teaching in Canada, China and the United States, Ralph – a Canadian at birth – is also an immigrant , by choice to this country. His candid humor and extensive research skills bring a clear reality often missing from today's social discourse. 


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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." **George Bernard Shaw**

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