Violence Reduction Clinic

The prevalence and incidence of violence in our society poses a major social problem. Evidence suggests that episodes of violence cost millions of dollars annually in terms of medical care for victims, lost productivity for perpetrators and victims, and the cost of adjudicating offenders. Although difficult to quantify, there are also significant emotional and psychological costs. Estimates suggest that over 60% of those convicted of violent offenses will re-offend unless they are provided with adequate treatment. The Violence Reduction Clinic was established by Dr. George Ronan in 1992 to address these concerns within the Central and Northern Michigan communities.

The Violence Reduction Clinic currently provides individual, group, and family therapy to both perpetrators and victims of violent acts. A group based intervention provides perpetrators with cognitive restructuring and skill training designed to decrease the probability of re-offending. Couple based treatments (perpetrator and victim) are used to decrease the probability of violence in couples who are likely to continue cohabitation. These interventions focus on ending the use of violence. Participants are often helped by observing the similarity of the problem in other couples and through learning skills which can be used to increase their sense of self-efficacy. Family treatments for violence typically include skills training which is subsequently assessed for generalizability within the home environment.

Group classes start every 4 to 8 weeks. Each class has 14 sessions and each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. The time and day of sessions depends, in part, on the schedules of group members. The treatment team members are generally graduate students under the supervision of Dr. George Ronan, a licensed clinical psychologist and a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Central Michigan University. All information obtained is confidential, including the act of participating. Changes in this procedure (e.g. to submit to a referring agency or to comply with court-ordered attendance) will be discussed with each person before any information is released. In addition to providing clinical services for people experiencing violence related problems, we are interested in documenting the effects of a variety of different interventions. Thus, participants will be asked to complete several forms throughout the course of their treatment.

Fees for the Violence Reduction Clinic are typically covered by most insurance plans. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Clinic Manager for Ronan Psychological Associates at 989.779.8999.

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